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forget it, get a good decorator to make your house pretty. >> thank you, pat robertson. you are a true crusader. and we did consider changing this to the pat robertson list. it does a have a certain ring to it. that's it for us. thanks for watching. "early start" starts now. have a great day. red line. president obama confident that syria used chemical weapons to kill hundreds of its people. what will the united states do about it? we are live. >> he broke a law. he confessed and he got to walk away. >> a mother's fury when the man who raped her 14-year-old daughter is sentenced to just 30 days in jail. the judge behind the sentence explaining himself. >> worms in the water? worms in the water. an oklahoma community warned not to drink from the tap. good morning, everyone. >> welcome to "early start."
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what a thought to begin the show with. >> it is 5:00 a.m. in the east. up first, president obama says there is no doubt syria used chemical weapons on its own people and that cannot go unpunished. how the u.s. will respond is unknown. the white house plans to release the evidence that points to the assad regime. military assets are in place for a syrian strike. we have more from cnn concerned barbara starr. >> reporter: president obama hasn't decided what to do but is determined to hold syria accountable. >> we want the assad regime to know using chemical weapons against women, infants, against, children, you are not only breaking international norms and standards of decency, but you are also creating a situation
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where u.s. national interests are affected. that needs to stop. >> reporter: in his interview with the pbs "news hour," he left no doubt with who ordered the attacks. >> we have concluded the syrian government, in fact, carried them out. >> reporter: intercepts of syrian commanders discussing the movement to the area of attack provided by israel yan attacks. it put the u.s. with direct odds with russia. >> we do not believe the syrian regime should be able to hide behind the fact they should block action. >> reporter: behind the scenes, the u.s. may not wait for the united nations to act. the u.s. military is strengthening their position in the eastern mediterranean with the addition of two more submarines. the syrian regime is also
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getting ready. >> we are preparing ourselves for the worst scenario. >> reporter: why did assad do it? it might have been retaliation for a failed assassination attempt of perhaps the regime was planning a smaller attack but something went wrong and this became a major incident. barbara starr, cnn, the pentagon. >> with the u.s. seemingly on the verge of a military strike against syria, what is going on inside that country? fred spent the last few days in the syrian capital monitoring developments from beirut, lebanon. fred, bring us up to speed. >> reporter: hi, christine. i left that country an hour and a half ago. you can tell how the rhetoric toned down a lot over the past couple days. a couple days ago they would have said we are going defend
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ourselves and stand-up to america. now it sounds more subdued. a lot of people are trying to leave the country now. i wouldn't say it's an exodus but for a couple days, we are going try to leave syria and come back when things turn down a little bit. we were out on the streets of the syrian capital to gauge the mood of people. they are nervous. let's have a look at what some people had to say. even with u.s. warships ready to strike off syria's coach, it's certain they used chemical weapons on their people. at first glance, damascus doesn't appear to be on the edge. this man is with the police force and says he's not afraid of u.s. air strikes. this is my country, i believe we are winning. others counting on help from above. this doesn't scare me, she says, i believe in god so much i know
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the usa can't do anything. the war is never far away with plumes of smoke constantly rising up from the outskirts of the capital. at damascus university many students are loyal to bashir assad and say they don't believe he used the gas against civilians. i believe chemical weapons were used in some way, he says, but i don't think the government did it because they know what the results would be. dig down and you find a sense of unease. the historic market is empier than usual. syria's economy is in a state of crisis. many fear things could get worse. it's a strange mood. people seem unsure what the future will bring with the american air strikes looming. few people talk about it openly. some bought additional food, canned foods, just in case.
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christine, there were rumors and reports that came out yesterday that apparently the syrian military was moving the top brass out of the headquarters and moving some of the artillery pieces that were used to pound the subs. it's hard to confirm or deny that. we did see less artillery shelling when we were there last night. >> what the response will be, clearly, syrians are preparing. thanks so much, fred. the u.s. military is beefing up its presence in the gulf. the uss harry truman is being moved in place. it joins the nimitz. it's prudent planning and does not suggest they would play a role in strikes in syria. in iraq, a wave of sectarian violence in baghdad.
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dozens wounded. the bombs targeting shia neighborhoods during rush hour increased tensions between them in iraq led to the rising violence. sentenced to death. a military jury deliberated less than two hours before deciding hasan deserved the death penalty. hasan acting as his own attorney during the court-martial and offered no defense. he could become the first american soldier to be executed in more than half a century. due to the lengthy appeals process, it could be years or decades before he's sentenced to death. the woman accused of sending ricin laced letters to president obama pleaded not guilty wednesday in court. she told the fbi her husband sent the letters, initially. 30% containment now on the fire lines in northern
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california. the wildfire in and around yosemite national park has burned through 192,000 acres. the fire continues to grow, but it is not spreading as quickly. a drone joined the fight from the air. it will likely take three weeks before crews can get that enormous blaze fully contained. >> unreal how big that fire is. that there's 30% containment is progress. let's get the latest on the weather out west. indra petersons has that. >> the good news is we do not have the red flag warnings. the temperatures in the 70s. the biggest threat today is the dry lightning. we are going see winds 15 to 20 miles per hour. the big problem in that area is the terrain. we are talking the steep cliffs out there. it's difficult for firefighters to get in where they need to get. you can see the white here, it's
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the afternoon thunderstorms popping up here and there. with that, the threat of dry lightning. the other thing we are watching is the tropical moisture move sboog the area for the weekend. remember what we saw last weekend, heavy storms in the area. we have tropical storm juliet. all the moisture making its way in could mean one to two inches of rain. it doesn't sound like a lot. the ground is so dry, a half inch of rain in vegas last weekend produced flash flooding. in the southwest a different picture. they are not used to as much rain as we are in the east. it doesn't look like it's cooling down much. >> look at des moines. >> you know what that feels like it is hot. >> flat and hot. >> a lot of red on that map. thanks, indra. he thought he hooked a big one. a texas fisherman realized he was the bait. there was a 200 pound shark on his fishing line and it dragged him and dragged his kayak miles
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into the gulf of mexico. >> i didn't know it was a shark at the time. my line bent in half. i was so happy. i was like yes, this is great. the thing is, i set the drag tighter. all of a sudden, my kayak is going deeper and deeper into the ocean. i thought holy smokes, this is unbelievable. this is crazy. >> holy moses. >> let go of your fishing line. >> he says he hoped to reel in the shark but his line snapped. that is quite a fish story. i love a good fish story. >> he was being fished. >> isn't that a reversal of roles? my goodness. >> he got out alive. it's an important end to the story. we are going take a quick break. a teacher given 30 days behind bars for raping a 14-year-old girl. the judge in that case now
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speaking out. >> he wants to brush our teeth with warm water. >> a water warning in an oklahoma town. we are going to have that for you when we come back. [ male announcer ] these days, a small business can save by sharing. like carpools... polly wants to know if we can pick her up. yeah, we can make room. yeah. [ male announcer ] space. yes, we're loving this communal seating. it's great. [ male announcer ] the best thing to share? a data plan. at&t mobile share for business. one bucket of data for everyone on the plan, unlimited talk and text on smart phones. now, everyone's in the spirit of sharing. hey, can i borrow your boat this weekend? no. [ male announcer ] share more. save more. at&t mobile share for business. ♪
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savings card just for inquiring about the sleep number bed. ask about our risk-free 100-night in-home trial. call this number for your free information kit and a free $50 savings card. call now. good morning, welcome back to "early start." this case has triggers national outrage. a former teacher in montana getting 14 days in jail for raping a girl who later committed sue said. he said the girl looked older than his age. the judge is apologizing for his words but standing by the 30-day sentence. we have more. >> reporter: this was to be a moment of justice. the teacher was charged with raping his student 14-year-old. he was 49 at the time. prosecutors wanted a 20-year sentence. instead, the judge gave him just
2:15 am
one month for the crime. >> i was floored. i thought there was a minimum sentence. i don't know. i'm -- my faith in the justice system is gone. >> reporter: especially says her mother when you hear the details. the 14-year-old was a freshman in high school. prosecutors say he seduced her and began a month-long sexual relationship. police found out. he was charged. as it lagged through the justice system, she was shy of her 17th birthday, committed suicide. with the victim dead, prosecutors struck this deal. confess to one rape, complete sexual offender classes and stay away from children. he violated the deal. the judge still only gave him 31
2:16 am
days, minus one day served in jail. why? in court, the judge said she seemed older than her chronological age. later, he told cnn that was not the best choice of words adding it was not a violence, forcible, beat the victim rape like seen in the movies, but it was a rape and should not have happened. the judge calls the man treatable and will be a free man in less than 30 days. >> just a heart breaking story. the judge is apologizing for his words, but not the sentence he issued. >> what i said was demeaning to all women. not what i believe in. and irrelevant to the sentencing. i owe all or fellow citizens an apology. >> protesters calling for the judge to resign and the
2:17 am
teacher's 15-year prison sentence to be reinstated. >> you might recall three 15-year-old boys beating and stomping another boy in florida. the bus driver too afraid to intervene. the older boys are in court today facing battery charges. authorities recommended probation. the 13-year-old victim survived with a broken hand. his grandmother says it outcome could have been much worse. >> children, for lack of a better term have to realize they could be up on murder charges right now. they could have killed him. as i said, by the grace of god, they didn't. >> she goes on to say her grandson is having trouble sleeping and is too afraid to ride the school bus. the beating happened after they tried to sell him marijuana at school, he refused and told a teacher.
2:18 am
the doctor testifying in the michael jackson trial says the singer asked for propofol 15 years before his overdose. she refused his request. the injury heard from a nurse practitioner who says jackson asked her for propofol in april, 2009 and she also said no to the star. zimmerman's wife pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge. she was sentenced to a year's probation and 100 hours of community service for lying about their finances as her husband's bond hearing. she agreed to the plea deal, but the attorney says she could have won a trial. >> she stood by her man, like tammy wi net says. she shouldn't have. that's it. she did what was right for her. i think legally, she could have won. >> prosecutors claim taped phone calls of them speaking in code to hide the dollar amounts.
2:19 am
george zimmerman was acquitted for the murder of trayvon martin. first there were snakes on planes, now worms in the water. red worms ranging from a half inch to inch long showing up in the water supply in colcord, oklahoma. it was found in the filtering system, which was cleaned. residents are warned not to use the water. there's no health threat here. how the worms got there remains a mystery. >> i kind of don't want water right now. another story i want to tell you about in new jersey. an appeals court ruling could have an impact on future cases involving texting and driving. the court ruled someone who sends a text to a driver is not liable if they get into an accident. that changes if the person sending the text knows the recipient is driving and is likely to read the message. that's the interesting change. in that situation, the person sending the text could be held
2:20 am
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welcome back to "early start." it's money time, michaela. the dow broke a two-day losing streak.
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the largest one day point gain in a week. we had a rough go of it on worries of a syrian air strike. the markets are all closing higher a contrast to the sell off days earlier. there could be a lot of volatility as this plays out, the u.s. and allies response in syria. we are watching gold, oil and stocks and the bond market. we could be seeing a blockbuster deal in the cell phone business. verizon is talking about buying a 45% stake in verizon wireless. it could be worth up to $130 billion. that's literally a big deal. it could be a big deal and could be announced next week. it brought them together after talks broke down over price several times. the city of san bernardino, california has the green light for bankruptcy. a federal judge rejected an
2:25 am
attempt to kick them out of bankruptcy. they wanted to keep san bernardino from bankruptcy approval because they wanted to sue the city. they say san bernardino didn't make a good faith effort to negotiate with creditors before filing for bankruptcy. they are being closely watched. it could have a bearing on the largest bankruptcy case, detroit. big cities, municipalities in trouble, going bankrupt. closely watching those. the best paid ceos, the best paid ceos are often fired or fined according to a new study saying 40% of them get the action, they end up in court or get bail-out money. they used former layman ceo receiving half a billion dollars in composition from 2001 to 2007. the chief executives of large
2:26 am
companies received 354 times as much as the average worker in 2012. 354 times. >> i'm just doing the math. >> my goodness. >> it's a lot of money. >> incredible. how do you break it down like that. >> when you see a ceo building a 40,000 square foot house, sell the stock. they are at the end of their long trajectory and focus on other things. the more money they get, the more careful you should be. the less hungry they are. >> very important woman to keep in your lives. coming up, battle lines drawn. world leaders cannot agree on what to do about syria. the government believed to have poisoned hundreds of people. what comes up next. we'll join him after the break.
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what to do about syria. the government of that nation believed responsible for a chemical weapons massacre. now world leaders cannot agree about what to do. we are live. a massive fire in and around yosemite national park growing overnight. we are going to take you behind those fire lines. >> we will always be so grateful for what you did and you will always be our heroes. >> a mother's gratitude for the people who saved her son when a sinkhole swallowed him whole. that story is simply a miracle.
2:31 am
>> i still can't get over that story. welcome back to "early start." >> it is 30 minutes past the hour. the conclusion is syria's government was behind a chemical weapons attack and president obama says they must be held accountable. no green light for a military strike. the president is deciding on a response. the white house expected to brief key members on the latest intelligence on syria. a u.s. bid to strike syria suffering a setback with the united nations. the obama administration failed to get approval for the use of force. the president insists syria must face international consequences put the u.s. at odds with russia. phil black for cnn is live in moscow for us today. phil? >> reporter: good morning, michaela. russia is warning of catastrophic if a strike is
2:32 am
carried out. they suggest it wants the international community, u.s. and allies to wait for the investigation team on the ground to complete its work and present it to the united security council. then if they are able to get a mandate, a resolution authorizing against syria, should they do so. but, the united states knows, should it go to the united nations and follow that process, russia will use their veto. they will not allow a resolution that offers force in syria that places the u.s. and allies there. whether or not to proceed without the u.n. mandate. if that decision is made, russia knows there's little, in fact nothing, to stop a military strike. russia says there is not enough evidence to blame the syrian regime for the alleged chemical
2:33 am
weapons incident. they believe the rebels are to blame. the opposition can trigger an intervention in the conflict on their side. michaela? >> i think many are struggling to understand why russia continues to support syria given all this that has gone on. >> reporter: a lot has been said about the military economic ties going back to the day of the soviet union. they are standing with syria and in opposition to western and u.s. policy. russia believes wars and revolutions do not create peace and stability. it looks to other examples in the arab spring, the conflicts in iraq and libya. the consequences from those attacks and intervention of them and support of them has been overwhelmingly negative. should the same event be played out in syria, they face the same consequences, the stability in
2:34 am
the region, things could get worse quickly. >> there is concern if nothing is done, things will get worse quickly. thank you. crews making progress on the wildfire burning inside and around california's yosemite national park. it's a slow process. the fire keeps spreading. it's burned through 192,000 acres. this morning, it is 30% contained. officials estimate full containment will take three weeks. getting a unique perspective this morning behind the fire lines from gary tuckman. >> we are standing in yosemite national park. this part of the park closed to the public. the reason is because of what's behind me, tens of thousands of acres of yosemite engulfed in flames. this is the first look of the rim fire. you can see the huge cloud.
2:35 am
it looks like a cumulus weather cloud but it's created by the fire. the brown and orange is the fire. you can see the trees engulfed by the smoke. tens of thousands of acres to this beautiful park, one of the most beautiful places on earth has been destroyed. that is wilderness. the part where tourists go is still open. the goal is to keep the fire, which is rapidly approaching away from the rest of the park. backfires will be set here to try to keep the fire away from the rest of the park. most of the news is good with the rim fire. the containment numbers are going up. the humidity is going up, a good sign. the winds are down. nobody has been killed. no serious injuries. that is good news. the bad news is what happened in the park. this fire continues to grow. it's very dangerous and there's concern about what is happening in this, one of the most beautiful spots on earth. >> amazing pictures.
2:36 am
>> even the sound. you can hear -- indra talked before about the storm and the weather systems the fires create for themselves. you forget the energy and sound that comes out of them. >> indra is here tracking the national weather. california firefighters count on help from mother nature? >> michaela said it perfectly. the fire is creating its own weather. there's the problem, you have steep cliffs regardless of the temperatures in the region, it's dealing with the weather the fire is creating. temperatures in the 70s thachlt is good news. we are not seeing red flag warning. we are monitoring strong winds. 15 to 20 miles per hour. it's tough for the firefighters in that region. we are going to talk about the air. so difficult in that region. this isn't working for us here. there we go. we are talking about the steep terrain. we are talking thunderstorms. one of the other concerns, it sounds good. we have rain in the area.
2:37 am
we are concerned with the threat of dry air. it could strike more fires. that's a concern today. otherwise, we are watching for monsoonal moisture. tropical storms to the west of us. the remnants of fernand. now we have juliet out there. there could be flooding in the four corners. doesn't look like it will make its way north. we are looking for the threat of flooding without a concern. if we could push the moisture a little bit. it's barely -- >> it's never where you want it and how much you need at the right time. >> wish i could make it happen. >> thanks. a husband and wife charged with torturing a man's 13-year-old brother that was supposed to be in their care. he was zip tied to a chair, doused with alcohol. the list of horrors goes on and on.
2:38 am
>> these are really horrific. they go way beyond the pale. it's something that is not tolerated. absolutely will not be tolerated. >> the boy managed to escape from the basement and was taken to the hospital where he is recovering. they are accused of kidnapping, unlawful imprisonment. >> a man scheduled to be arraigned in a facebook crime. he admitted to posting a photo of his wife moments after shooting her to death. he turned himself in but not before posting this on facebook. i'm going to prison or death sentence for killing my wife. love you guys, miss you guys. take care facebook people. you will see me in the news. >> he is charged with first degree murder. the amish parents who stopped their daughter's chemo. they want to appoint a nurse as
2:39 am
her guardian to restart the chemotherapy. remember the 6-year-old boy swallowed alive by the sinkhole last month. he has chance to meet and thank the heroes who rescued him. there were tears of joy and gratitude as his mother offered her thanks. >> there are no words that we can say that will adequately tell you how much we appreciate all you did for our son and how hard you worked to bring him back to us. >> so emotional. that little boy was trapped under 11 feet of sand under a popular lakeshore dune for more than three hours, brought to the hospital in critical condition. thanks to the heroes honored
2:40 am
last night. this almost gives me chills. he started first grade this week. >> in this business, you hear a lot and deliver a lot of bad news. to watch that story unfold and have the right happy ending, great stuff. >> we all need that kind of outcome. coming up, expect delays at drive-throughs today. thousands of fast food workers are protesting what they call starvation wages. they are going on strike. that's next. [ lane ] are you growing old
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24/7 monitoring against burglary, fire, and high levels of carbon monoxide starting at just over $1 a day. and now get adt installed for just $99. isn't your family worth america's number-one security company? current adt customers call for special upgrade saveings. after buying two of everything, it was nice to only need one security system -- adt. [ male announcer ] get adt installed for just $99. and ask about adt pulse, advanced home management here today. adt. always there. all right. welcome back to "early start." don't be surprised if you see something different on the way to get the fast food fix today. thousands of workers are set to walk off the job. chains like mcdonalds, taco bell and wendys are po protesting against starvation wages. sometimes my husband eats and i don't or sometimes i eat and my
2:44 am
husband don't. we have to alternate like that because we can't eat every day and supply for our children. >> they make about $9 an hour, just over $18,000 a year. it's below the poverty level. they are asking for a raise to $15 an hour. they want a union and more benefits. restaurants say the rates are plenty fair. the restaurant association speaking on behalf of the chain say most only make the minimum wage or more. they are steppingstone jobs that teach people. >> they used to be students and kids that take the jobs. because so many people have been out of work, they have to rely on the jobs. >> the average worker of a fast food worker is 29 years old. they are people trying to make a living at fast food. it's a different dynamic in the economy. >> certainly is. >> let's look at what's coming up on "new day". >> chris and kate, what do you have for us this morning. >> good morning, you two. >> obviously, we are looking at
2:45 am
this pivotal day on the argument of what to do with syria. the time frame is accelerating day after day. the president is going to congress. that's a complicated situation constitutionally and politically. he's going to face big questions. we know the human loss. what can the u.s. do about it? can we do anything quickly? what's it mean about the side we are taking there. we are going to talk to a senator with doubts about this. we are going to talk about, it's a very sad story and a controversial decision by a judge in montana sparking outrage. the judge gave a teacher 30 days in prison for raping a student. just 30 days in prison. some are calling on the judge to step down not only because of the sentence, but because of what he said about the ruling and the victim in sentencing the man. they are calling for him to step down. we are going to talk to the
2:46 am
victim's mother this morning. >> that's an emotional story. >> can't wait to see that. thank you. coming up, johnny manziel accused of signing autographs for money. the penalty is not as bad as you would think. i can't wait for the bleacher report. there's interesting twists to the suspension. mom, dad told me that cheerios is good for your heart, is that true? says here that cheerios has whole grain oats that can help remove some cholesterol, and that's heart healthy. ♪ [ dad ] jan?
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welcome back. the u.s. open is off and running at the meadows. i had my first ever real grand slam experience. i had a chance to go one-on-one with vickie duval. she's coming off her biggest victory beating a former u.s. champ. i go one-on-one with her on "new
2:50 am
day." >> i can't wait. >> i don't know who is happier in that picture. >> stay tuned for that, that's coming up. >> andy is here with johnny manziel's minisuspension for his role in signing autographs. like half a game. >> that's right. good morning, guys. the ncaa found no evidence that he received money for signing autographs, but he violated a rule by signing so many autographs. he's been suspended for the first half of the aggies opener against rice. once the second half rolls around, he will be back on the field. it's a huge win for a&m. if new evidence comes to light, they will review and determine if further action is appropriate. the nfl season will get started a week from tonight with the broncos hosting the baltimore ravens. they have caught plenty of flak
2:51 am
hanging a promotional banner outside their stadium. peyton manning has a big banner outside the stadium. he says the banner is strange. they resisted hanging the big picture, but the nfl insists. dodgers rookie phenom. puig looked like he was lolly gagging. outfield made a couple catches. puig said he was told he was taken out because he wasn't acting ready on defense. the official reason was manager's discretion. check out what a $13,000 basketball looks like. that's right, 13 k. the famous boutique is celebrating the remodelled store selling this blue basketball.
2:52 am
not only does it look fancy, it can be used to play basketball. christine, they are only making two, which is like their fine purses. if you are going to get one, get on the list. >> if you are in the ncaa, you cannot sign it. >> right. at least you can't take money for signing it. >> you can say your name, but you don't own your name. i don't know. great story. half a game for him. thanks, andy. we'll be right back. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection.
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new creamy alfredo soup. [off screen] hthere you are. [speaking german] hi, grandpa! [off screen] give me a kiss! [speaking mandarin] what do you think? do you like it? [off screen] happy birthday! can you see that?
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[speaking polish] [off screen] did he apologize? [off screen] thanks, micah! [off screen] bye, guys. bye. see ya. oh my god! every day, more people connect face to face on the iphone than any other phone. i miss you. brown: on my third day as principal, i met with the state. students had fallen behind, and morale was low. my first job was getting everyone to believe... that we could turn this around. i needed my staff to see what was possible. turning around a school, is not some, mystical, magical thing. it does take hard, dedicated work each day.
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i was a chemistry major in college, and then... i joined teach for america. that's the reason i'm here. ♪
2:56 am
>> my assistant this morning. no doubt, we have miley cyrus to thank for getting twerk into the dictionary. jeanne moos has more. >> twerk is in our vocabulary. >> a lot of twerking. >> reporter: it's thanks to miley cyrus. >> she going to hell. >> reporter: a scientific explanation. pregnant twerking and grandma's twerking. leno is posting fake sightings of miley twerking. >> buzz feet to include her twerking. the media's marathon twerking. >> miley cyrus.
2:57 am
>> the twerk extravaganza. >> the twerk fest. >> the twerk of the world. >> you gyrate your lower extremities. google it. >> if you do, you'll find plenty of how tos. a weatherman and anchor duo in colorado springs. >> come on, do that. >> from the word twerking on their lips to jerking their hips. >> feels like you are going to bring your hips down and under, right? >> reporter: kimberly price was a reluctant twerker. the meteorologist's barometric pressure rising. twerk just made it into the oxford dictionary. they defined it -- >> involving, hip thrusting movements in a low, squatting
2:58 am
stance. it's the first time i have ever heard of it. >> what? >> reporter: the dictionary says it origin of twerk is in work as in work it demonstrated in this clip from a pretwerking hannah montana. supposedly a t was added to work. christine romans was still brimming with innocence. she shocked herself of news of twerking teens. >> what is twerking, you ask? that's twerking. >> my grandmother watches this show. can we take it down? >> here is aphrase miley cyrus can't said? >> i'm so embarrassed. >> that's it for "early start." it's time for "new day." take it away chris and kate. >> we are going to take it to jeanne. we are going to take it to
2:59 am
jeanne moos. >> i like she called you out for your faux purity. >> no, exactly. unfortunately, you now know everything about twerking. way more than you wanted to know. >> i was pure back in june. now i feel like i'm bombarded every day with it. >> you are going to twerk, we are going to take the show. >> it's almost the top of the hour. that means it's time for the top news. >> i have no interest in any kind of open ended conflict in syria but we have to make sure they are held accountable. >> there need to be consequences. the strongest words on syria. members of congress may not agree. we are tracking the lobbying effort going on in d.c. scorching heat wave that won't let up. schools in the midwest are canceled for the rest of the
3:00 am
week. when will it cool down? shelly speaks. george zimmerman's wife in court speaking out saying her husband has beaten down her self-esteem and why she fears for her life. >> your "new >> your "new day" starts now. good morning, welcome to "new day." i am proud to announce it is thursday, august 29th, 6:00 in the east. the president is calling for action against syria. el face questions about the end game strategy, the chance a quick strike leads to an all-out war and more. we'll talk to senator tim caine of virginia for more answers. are you yawning and reaching for the coffee? a new sleep study is out from the cdc, shows how poorly americans are sleeping. prescription drug use to help th

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